Devilish Incursion

Mister Sandman

Bells. The alarms of the town were ringing, echoed by the growing shouts of the villagers as they rushed toward the burning hut. Recke escaped with his life after the attack, rushing to the airship only to find Filiel stumbling out of it. After a quick embrace, he told her what had happened and that everyone else was dead. The loss of Im wasn’t alarming, however the fact that their newcomer, Mantawogan was now gone was alerting. The duo quickly met up with Amon, who stated he saw nothing unusual at his post. After learning the others were dead…his first concern was for their items.

Recke returned to retrieve Im’s body; however the entire village was cluttered around it. The guards stated he could not take his comrade because of ‘evidence’. Their friend was lost, and the three could only return to their airship for the night, after brief questioning by the guards of course.

The next morning Filiel and Recke stepped into town, Recke taking time to tell her exactly what happened. As they neared the empty hut, there was no sign of their fallen friends. Amon had found his way in to scoop up whatever items were left in the building. He was only granted three copper. After finding the nearest guard, they asked about the disappearance of the bodies from the fire. The man states they were taken to a temple by the river of Happy. The three agreed to go toward the temple in hopes of regaining at least one comrade.

They were stopped on the way by a Captain who implored about the fallen. After quick introductions, Captain Aros asked to accompany the trio to the temple. The rest of the trip was fairly quiet, perhaps out of anxiety, though Filiel made sure to hold Recke’s hand after the scare of almost losing her best friend. As they entered the cave lit only by torches, the group became cautious, knowing far too well how prone they were to death.

What they saw inside the temple was…strange, to say the least. A fat man stood over Im’s burnt and bloody body chanting a language they could not understand. The group merely waited, expecting the worst to come to their fallen comrade. Instead, Im opened his eyes to find himself in life once again. The man began questioning Im, not giving the male the time to recover. As Im stood, Filiel ran forward to hug him around the waist, which distracted him long enough for the cleric to return the cursed amulet around his neck. It was mentioned that the other bodies were to be buried at sundown; Amon took it upon himself to begin burying them. As the group returned to the airship, Aros left on his own way leaving the group to begin using Recke’s ability to see magic in items.

The next day was less chaotic; Filiel traveled alone to the village Tavern only to meet Aros once again. They sit and share a drink before venturing upstairs alone. Recke woke only to continue identifying the party’s loot, though he discovers a small portal. Amon decided to stay with Recke and attempted to toy with the portal. He used a rope to slip into the portal, Recke used his hand. The two sat quietly for a moment before Recke turned to Amon and asked if he would be willing to turn into a rat; of course, Amon refuses. As Filiel returns to hear the noise, she is then asked the same. She refuses, saying Amon should do it. As Amon can’t verbally refuse, he merely glares.

Im, Recke, and Amon leave the next day to meet Atmu to find out more about the amulet Im bears and the ankhs Recke found in the hut. Filiel returned to the tavern and found Aros present once again. Luckily, this time, it stays at a table over a couple drinks. The other three find out that a group of outsiders visit the temple almost weekly. They take this time to venture to where they had met the warlock who attacked them. They find another man and try to ask him, however their tactics never work smoothly. They drag him into the house against his will, only to have him cry out for the guards. Through their panic, Im manages to grab him in time for Recke to step outside in an attempt to distract the guards. However, being a lizard and not a very smooth talker, he only leads them to the house. Amon and Im throw the man against the wall then bolt out the back of the house, Recke teleports onto the airship. Idiots.

Back at the tavern, Filiel and Aros are asked to help arrest her comrades. With no other choice, Filiel agrees, though she mentions to Aros that something ‘bad’ was lurking in the village that she and her friends were trying to stop. The Captain takes her words into consideration as they are lifted to the airship in the midst of night. Im’s choice of sleeping positions cancels the fly spell given to the guards, Filiel, and Aros. They manage to land quietly on the deck, though. Filiel led the guards to Amon’s door, where they proceeded to pound on it to wake him. Filiel attempts to pound on Im’s door to wake him, though the giant oaf stays sleeping. A guard takes hold of Filiel, though Aros takes hold of the other guard and states that no harm should come to Filiel. The guards agree, though Amon stumbles out of the door.

After arresting Recke and Im, the guards allow Amon to ‘land’ the airship in the presence of Aros. Aros witnesses Amon’s lack of piloting skills and refuses to ever fly with the rogue at the wheel again. As they crash land next to the village, Im, Recke, and Amon are taken in for questioning. Filiel stays behind in order to take care of Amon’s son. Fortunately, the trio is honest and they are cleared of their charges. The guards make a turn around and then ask for the group’s aid in stopping a cult. Blindly, they agree. Probably because there is loot or something and Amon’s a greedy bastard.

Aros joins them in the journey, much to Filiel’s joy. They travel toward a tomb where the evil had been mentioned. They travel deeper into magical darkness, though Amon is jabbed slightly by something pointy. The others, with the exception of Filiel, are shoved backwards. They pause and Amon uses his Sun axe to clear the darkness. They are greeted with an open room swarmed by cultists of various races. They don’t hesitate to fight through them to the other side of the room, avoiding the large pit of darkness in front of them. Recke takes out most of the enemies with his spells, though he’s unable to save Amon from being paralyzed. Im manages to pin a fleeing cultist and Aros takes time to question him for information. Filiel pilfers an amulet off the cultist before moving to drag Amon after the group.

After the man refuses to give any sort of useful information, Im relentlessly beats the man unconscious. Filiel covers her eyes and curses at Im. After the larger being stops pounding in the man’s face, Filiel ties the survivor up tightly. They take a moment to collect items off the dead and let Amon rest so that he can stand on his own. They continue into the next room, finding the ground covered in sand, which lead to Filiel almost having a nervous breakdown and clinging to the person closest to her, and a stairway across from them. After Filiel, Amon, Aros, and Im cross the sand, Recke feels something stab him in the side. He turns to find an assassin and quickly shifts himself into another shape to fight. Filiel manages to reach the stairs before a sand elemental comes to life and begins attacking. She and Amon stay back on the stairs, not wanting to get hit by their comrades.

After the defeat of the elemental, Im rushes forward to land a killing blow on the assassin attacking Recke. The group takes a moment to get back together before looking toward the stairs. They step forward into…who knows what? I’m surprised the whole party hasn’t died without the damn druid yet. How long are they going to last? I suppose we’ll see how deep a DM’s vengeance can be next time.


If I missed anything, let me know.

Mister Sandman

Sounds good. Also, don’t know if Aaron has spread the word, but I’m out for this weekend. Wedding planning seminar thingy. Next two weekends after that are out too: company from out of town, and God-daughter’s baptism, respectively. Sorry guys. :(

Mister Sandman

No problem. We will just miss you. Have fun, though!

Mister Sandman

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