Devilish Incursion


LAW! Bottom of the sea! Grabs TERORBYTE’s derelict! Swims to surface! Dives back in! Baits merfolk child with shinies! Kidnaps child and surfaces! Gains intel, lets him go! Whole party dicks around for days! Shouting?! Throw down a rope! TERORBYTE dives overboard, smashing fiery man’s tiny craft! LAW grabs rope, dives overboard for TERORBYTE! Retrieves chest of gold from sea floor! Fog sets in! Oh no! Lightning bolts like crazy! Striking the whole party! Fireballs galore! Apollo flying! TERORBYTE runs, jumps, misses! The giant appears! Smashes people! Harry Balsaque (it’s French!) lights him on fire! Giant turns into a demon! TERORBYTE climbs aboard! Demon explodes things! LAW prepares to open a barrel of whupass, but! ROLLS A NATURAL FUCKING ONE! TERORBYTE piles on the beatdown! Giant-turned-demon tries to flee! TERORBYTE winds up for the killing blow, but! ROLLS ANOTHER NATURAL ONE! Jason swears at Anthony and hits him in the face! LAW picks up Dragonshard! Orders Daedalus to build a Gate! Dun-dun-DUN!



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