Devilish Incursion

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We return to our heroes after witnessing their triumphant defeat of what could be speculated as a simple Fire Giant. However, their troubles did not end so easily. Upon further exploration, our heroes found themselves facing one of their most challenging puzzles yet. No seriously, it was a bunch of crap. Luckily, Im was there to lead to party. Despite his god awful Wisdom and complete lack of foresight, he seemed ever familiar with riddles such as these. It was probably some class in Goliath Badass School or something. One of those extra credit classes that all the other Goliath’s laughed at. Im must have four pointed it. Nerd.

The next room almost seemed like an afterthought from a design perspective. Whoever made this dungeon must have added it in within the last days of construction, thinking “Ah crap, we need to fill this space somehow… I KNOW!” And a half-assed chess board with pieces missing and broken tiles was built! They may fall back on it being more challenging that way, but you know it was just lazy developers. The heroes’ opponent was also none too great. They wasted no time at all. Amon and Filiel lead the charge, both claiming their share of opposing forces. Im moved well as the King, making sure morale was high. And with clever maneuvering and wise tactics, Recke was able to bring down the enemy King, halting all other forces and opening the pathway through. Oh, Mantowagon was there, too I guess.

Im continued in his hasty puzzle solving with the next room. The heroes were faced with a simple design. There were a few symbols on the ground and a riddle to guide them in the right direction. Without so much as second guessing himself, Im took action, pressing down on one of the plates. And then Recke died.

Before the advance, Recke was brought back to the world through the usual means. Hideous acts of blasphemy and magic that turned his original shape in to that of a disgusting, and rather disturbingly cold Lizardfolk. There seems to be a pattern here with Elves and Lizards..

And at long last the group finally pressed on! Only to be faced with their greatest challenge yet. They were put face to face with a very large red creature of the Dragon persuasion. The heroes stepped in to its lair. The Dragon rested upon a small island, accompanying his many treasures. Around him was a very large pool of magma. Unsure of what to do, the team trekked back in to the room before. As they stepped out, Im decided to taunt the beast. It got pissed and nearly killed some people.

The group decided to rest a while. They got everyone back on their feet and healthy, making sure everything was in order before attempting the assault. At first, they tried to be strategic. Mantowagon summoned up a mighty storm, hoping to either flood the room, or at least harden to magma to stone. This of course didn’t work. The storm lasted a little over two days and nothing was accomplished whatsoever. It just made lots of steam. So, failing that the party decided it would be best to just throw themselves blindly at the Dragon and hope for the best.

Mantowagon proceeded to toy with science and nature and turned all of the heroes in to dinosaurs. Not like it mattered, two of them stayed behind and didn’t help and the other just stood on the sidelines and threw rocks or something. Mantowagon tried some spiffy magic tricks, but accomplished nothing. However, Amon was in no mood for fucking around. He had places to be. In his first attack, he leapt fearlessly at the mighty Dragon. With greatly placed claws, he was able to slice the beast’s throat open. And not even a minute later, he ruthlessly tore in to the Dragon, filling it’s veins of great amounts of poison with every connected hit, officially making Amon the most badass person to ever travel the world. Amon stood triumphantly after single handedly paralyzing the beast. He cried to the heavens “SCREEE!!” since he was a lunatic raptor and couldn’t speak anything else. This would translate very well in Common as “Hail to the king, baby.”

From here, things went a little sour. Im broke the news to Amon that he needed all of the wealth to be donated to someone in need. It was the only way to get his original body back. Amon bickered and batted with Im for a bit about this matter, but the eventually settled on an agreement, and every penny Im makes will now go in to Amons pockets. After all was settled on, they loaded up Mantowagon with all of the treasures and headed for the surface.

Every seemed in place at first: The desert was still sandy, the airship was still an airship, nothing to write home about. Though, as they began flying back to the city, things started to get a little weird. It wasn’t until they got closer that everyone could see, but the entire city seemed to have been buried under sand. Mantowagon assured everyone that it wasn’t natural, since everyone seemed pretty clueless. The group spent the next few days resting as Mantowagon used his Witch Science to move away all of the sand.

Once the city had been fully unearthed; the heroes decided it would be best to check things out. The first thing they took note of, was the fact that all of the residence had been mummified. Amon quickly took note of all of the shops being looted as well. He was discouraged by this. They made their way through the town for a bit before stopping at one particular building. It was housing several of these lifeless mummies, though one had been clinging to a rather curious looking book. Knowing that they must have this book, the heroes decided to attempt to snatch it. This of course caused everything to spring to life like in a bad R.L. Stine film.

Quickly, Mantowagon filled the room with deadly foliage, halting the progress of the mindless undead and effectively turning the entire room in to a barbed wire jungle. Despite all of this, Mantowagon and Filiel somehow walked through the room harmlessly and began to beat the hell out of what had come to life. With a few swift moves, Mantowagon was able to snatch the book and make his way back. Filiel, on the other hand, was not so lucky. Failing in her most important moment, she was struck by one of the shriveled monsters. She began a slow and incredibly painful looking death. It took about three minutes for her to be completely turned in to sand. In happier news, Amon’s orphan child got a new sandbox to play in.

The group was very quick at getting the hell out of that place. They took to the skies in hopes of a brighter horizon. However, that horizon was met with more mind-fucking chaos. They flew over what used to be the peaceful forests surrounding Freeport. Everything has been burned down, and armies now set out across the expanse. The heroes hoped for the best, but upon reaching what used to be Freeport, all they were met with was rubble. They continued in their search for many days. Their seemed to be two armies present, one comprised only of Warforged, the other was a combination of the many races. Thought the two seemed to be avoiding confrontation with one another.

The party set north in hopes of finding Cannith still in one piece. Though, the news was grim there as well. The city had not yet fallen, though it didn’t seem like it would be long. The armies had already begun their assault, and it looked as though they were content with starving the people out instead of risking a full on takeover.

The heroes attempted to land in the courtyard, since that was obviously the wisest choice. They also failed to let anyone know who they were or why they were coming. On top of all of this, they even managed to crash several buildings on the way down, making their hostile presence even more obvious. They quickly tried to make amends with the people, distributing food and helping to rebuild the damaged areas (most of which they created.) They spent a few days within the city, learning what they could. They gained news of Father Dericks passing in this time. However they decided it was not a wise investment to stay for very long. They offered a large sum of rations as a token of good will then proceeded onward to the next settlement.

They travelled a great distance north; the armies below began to show up less and less. Things were beginning to look up for the heroes. They got word of a new settlement being constructed. It was said to be some kind of resistance against the approaching threats. The heroes knew this is where they needed to go next. They made their way to the settlement over the course of a few days. It wasn’t perfect yet, however it showed promise. The Heroes gained permission to enter the city, they manage to land their ship this time without destroying anything and proceeded with their business.

They quickly sought out those in power. They were told of all of the leading officials within the city limits and worked from there, eventually finding their way to Father Derick. They passed along all of the wealth from Amons glorious display of sheer badass in exchange for Filiels revival. Following this, the Heroes decided it would be best to rest within the city for the time being, saving their strength for whatever was to come next.

What will become of our Heroes now? Will Recke ever regain his old new form? Will people finally stop dying at every turn? Will Law return to rape everyone in the ass? Find out next week on Devilish Incursions! – “Dragon Ball Z outro”


Just to note, I’m sure everyone would see it, as soon as Filiel saw Recke she’d hug him. Let the rumors begin!

Previously on Devilish Incursions!

Kudos on the write-up. And for the record, LAW would rape everyone but Mantowagan and Gattopuin. I’d take advantage of a high wisdom score to see the writing on the wall and GTFO, leaving everyone else to try and figure out how to toss LAW’s salad.

Previously on Devilish Incursions!

Well, Filiel would be screwed because she’s still a criminal around the warforged. She got away once, she’ll do it again!

Previously on Devilish Incursions!

I’ll just turn you into a lunatic raptor. SCREE!

Previously on Devilish Incursions!

YEEESS! Then Im comes in and screws everything up. :l By the way, updated Fil’s Journal.

Previously on Devilish Incursions!

I hope IM gets rid of that damn amulet soon. It’s been such a nightmare…

Previously on Devilish Incursions!

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