Devilish Incursion

Previously on "The Adventures of Im"

With his party destroyed (though confidence still intact) and a wall of appendages blocking his path, Im was more confused than ever. The might that Im normally relied on would get him nowhere, and Recke’s voodoo magic was rarely of any use. The obvious solution was obvious; more cannon fodder was needed. With a huff and a puff and his chin held high, Im began hiking back to the airship, with his faithful companion following behind. The flying beast would have been difficult to maneuver for a normal man, but Im effortlessly flew it back to Apaut in “little” time. Expecting to find more weaklings and expendables in Apaut, Im instead found what he thought would be a powerful ally, LAW. Recruiting him seemed to be a brilliant idea at the time, along with his companion TerrorByte. Two Warforged companions! What could go wrong?

With a resounding THUD Im slammed into the desert floor below. The impact was so great, their actually was a resonance off nearby cacti. Brushing off the blood, sand, and shame, Im rose from his feet. Apparently, LAW and TerrorByte were more interested in the ship than they were Im’s plans, and that seemed rather rude to Im. Ungrateful can openers, they were.


With Recke’s body in tow, Im began marching towards victory. Not entirely sure where it lies, but he would be sure to find it.


LAW and TerrorByte fly East, towards a goal of LAW’s. What he needed is of little question, as nobody questions LAW. Their scout Apollo meets them on the way, with various details that are of little concern. What did interest them, however, was the meteor-like island of aliens creatures. Tact was not something this party required, so land they did. Gratuitous violence was the quickest solution, so LAW and TerrorByte charged into action, carelessly slaying while Apollo rained death from the air. And somewhere along the line, a Raptoran appeared. This concerned them little. Continuing their frenzy, they killed every creature on the rock until possession of the arbitrary artifact was theirs.

And so this concludes the adventures of our heroes, anti-heroes, and LAW.


Sweet, LAW is neither a hero nor an anti-hero. SCHWING!


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