Devilish Incursion

The Events Leading Up To The Return Of Our Protagonist


The crew of The Airship are neither confused, perplexed, or surprised in any way as 300 pounds of wood and metal slam into the surface of the airship, with a surprisingly human scream. Until it was clarified as the one of flesh bounced off the deck, onto something more satisfying below. Enters the cleric, THOR. Plot goes on.
LAW decides something needs to die, so the crew of The Airship dutifully obey. After killing something and ripping plot out of it’s chest, they use THOR to communicate with St. Cuthbert, and ask many arbitrary questions. Shortly after, they summon our hero Im, and the story continues. After much decision making and ultimately a player choice to not be the sole cause of a TPK (or embarassing suicide), they make some bad choices and summon Satan. Resume is 9 hours.



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