Completed Amulet of Pelor

The crimson gem and golden sun of Pelor do not make for an unattractive piece.


Use: The antimagic field provided by the symbol can now be controlled. 3/day, the wearer of the amulet can create an anti-magic field 30-ft in diameter, centered on the character at all times. The field persists as long as the bearer wishes and can be dispelled at will.

The functionality of the Relief of Pelor remains unchanged with the following exceptions: the wearer can now be resurrected up to three times before the amulet is destroyed.

In addition, the wearer gains a +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma and the ability to remove curse 3x/day. These effects are active within the anti-magic field.


After putting the two pieces of the amulet back together, a bright light emanates from it as the two pieces fuse together.

Completed Amulet of Pelor

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