"Symbol of Pelor"

A golden amulet in the shape of Pelor's sun.


Use: Upon donning the amulet for the first time, the wearer quickly finds that he cannot take it off. This symbol of Pelor feeds off of nearby magic, resulting in the formation of an anti-magic field. Whenever a spell is cast within 60 ft of the wearer, the range of the anti-magic field increases by 5-ft up to a maximum of 30 ft. The field is always in effect on the amulet itself. First casting results in an “Anti-magic Shell” effect. Each subsequent casting increases the area of effect by 5-ft. This field is centered on the bearer at all times and cannot be turned off except as noted below.

To effectively reset the amulet the bearer must soak it in the blood of the enemies of Pelor for one hour. This can be done once per day and resets the amulet to its default state (anti-magic shell around the amulet only). The enemies must be killed in combat and must be Evil in alignment.

The anti-magic effect prevents the more mundane methods of removal (i.e. remove curse). Nothing short of a Miracle or Divine Intervention will break the curse.


"Symbol of Pelor"

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