Devilish Incursion

Random Acts of Kindness

Arriving in the village around noon, the intrepid band of adventurer’s are plagued with tales of woe from the townsfolk about constant bandit raids and how they can do nothing to defend themselves (despite having a militia).

Dead men may tell no tales, but they drive a hard bargain.

Upon returning to the surface, the party heads straight to Lord Thomas to report on their findings. While he may have wished that less time was spent accomplishing their goal, he is nonetheless pleased that at least one of his guards has returned relatively unharmed and that the mystery has been laid to rest.

Dungeon of Longness, Concluded

After a long trek deep into the depths (redundancy!) of the tomb, the members of Zafiyus, along with a member of the Town Watch and Fu-Pung, have returned to the surface and once again breathe the fresh air of being topside.

Quest for the Fallen Guard

With their prizes in tow, the party returns to the city and Father Darick. The rod in question, while jewel covered and well made, are fairly mundane in nature. The sword that was recovered from the top of the tower, however, has infernal script written along the blade that Father Darick refuses to translate due to the illicit nature of the tongue in the city of Freeport.

A quick recap of previous events

Party awakens to find themselves around a table. There is a loud knocking on the door, as if someone is forcing their way in. After the initial confusion, Corwin locates a secret passageway behind the fireplace that allows the party to escape just as the silent guards break through the doors. Easily closing the door on the giant constructs, the party finds themselves spilling onto a mainthoroughfare to the sound of the guard raising the alarm. After some quick thinking, Thurgood remembers that inside a Cathedral of Pelor, one can find sanctuary. Inside the Cathedral, the party finds Farther Darick, a priest of Pelor. Deciding that Father Darick can assist in their plight, the party tells him their story. After some convincing and a short commune with his god, Father Darick decides that the party is telling the truth and that Pelor would be pleased to assist them, for a price. The party agrees to assist Father Darick when he calls them to further the works of Pelor in exchange for clearing their names for the murder of ||. Father Darick suggests that they go to Low Man’s Field where the can visit a local tavern and lay low for a couple of days.

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