House Rules

1) A 1 is a failure on all throws, whereas a natural 20 is an automatic success (to be tempered at GM discretion for feats of the utmost impossibility). Taking a 20 does not constitute an automatic success and is instead treated as 20 + modifiers.

2) Dead characters can be resurrected normally, with one notable exception: a life must be traded for a life. In order for a player character to be brought back from the dead, a replacement soul must be found. The participant must not necessarily be willing, however the XP requirement for a resurrected character may be lessened or nullified (at my discretion on a case by case basis) if the replacement is a willing donor. A character that is charmed or is otherwise affected by a compulsion effect does not count as willing. Sacrifices made of unwilling participants is always considered an evil act. Sacrifices made of willing participants is considered neutral and will not affect alignment.

3) When a character goes back to town “for supplies”, it is generally assumed that this includes enough food and water to last for 3 days. It will also bring everybody’s torch count up to 1. The cost for this is 1 GP for the whole party for relatively low quality food. Specific food items are dependent on the area.

4) Demons and Devils will be used interchangeably. While they still represent two distinct factions from seperate parts of the Abyss, any game mechanic that works on Devils will work on Demons and vice versa. The alignment of Demons and Devils will not change.

5) There is a reputation system in place. I will be keeping track of the exact bonuses/penalties that the players receive in secret, however a player can request a general idea of how well known he is. See Reputation, Fame and Titles for more information.

6) Players that “do their homework”, that is to say, players that regularly contribute to the wiki, deepen their character or otherwise show significant work outside of our regular meetings will receive a bonus in the form of a token. There are two types of tokens, those that give a +5 bonus on any roll before the result is known and those that will automatically roll a critical. Which token a player receives is to be decided by the DM. These tokens must be used during the session in which they are bestowed.


House Rules

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