City of Freeport

Freeport is the main trade center of the kingdom of Arden.

The city is situated on a large hill leading down to the ocean, the city’s lifeblood. A bustling port alive with commerce from all parts of the world, the city of Freeport seems to never sleep. The southside, devoted to the commercial, is filled with various shops, taverns and inns to cater to the business that the ports bring in. The bustling Bazaars and Shops are crowded with merchants and travelers during the day, gathering supplies for upcoming trips. At night, the crowd transforms into a rowdy mass of sailors and rogues as the taverns open their doors.

The poor quarter, colloquially referred to as “Low Man’s Field”, is a flat expanse of land off to the Eastern side of town. Runoff from the rains and sewage from the richer parts of town pool here, resulting in a stink that marks the inhabitants of the quarter. While less than optimal living conditions, it is a haven for the seedier element of town and a good place to lay low, so to speak.

As the houses climb up the hill, so to does the relative income. The western side of the city, built onto a bluff overlooking the ocean and the rest of the city as a whole provides an elevated position for defense against a naval attack, as well a good place to make a last stand in the event of a land based offensive.

Unfortunately Freeport fell at the hands of the invading Eridian forces. Their armies simply overwhelmed the city. Eridu is currently using Freeport as a resupply point in the offensive against the Warforged.


City of Freeport

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